What Can You Teach Me – Paperback & Ebook Bundle


What Can You Teach Me?
A step by step guide to basic dog training using Positive Reinforcement

The combination allows you to have both the printed version as well as a downloadable version. You have the luxury of flicking through the pages and holding the book in your hands as well as are able to read it on a device.

  • Printed / Ebook Bundle
  • You can download your Ebook version immediately while waiting for your paperback book to arrive
  • Price is reduced if you purchase the combination
  • Printed book delivered anywhere in Australia
  • Also available in Printed version & Ebook only version
  • Ebook version (credit card or PayPal accepted only)
  • Can pick the printed version up if booked into a course with no postage fee added

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Additional information

Weight175 kg
Dimensions210 × 148 × 5 mm