Dog Day Care Full Day (6-11 hours)


Dog Day Care is open Tuesday to Friday from 7am-6pm.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated to attend dog day care.

All dogs must pass an assessment with the staff of Point Cook Dog Training and Day Care before booking in for their first session.

If dogs have not been to day care for more than two months, an assessment will need to be done prior to booking in.

If you are new to our dog day care, please follow this link so we can organise a date and time for an assessment with your dog first and send you a link to the profile form which needs to be completed and signed.

For regulars, please use the calendar below to book in your full day stay. Use the arrows to the left and right of the calendar to find more of our sessions. For full day stays your dog must be dropped off no later than 10am and must be collected by 6pm at the latest.

If a date on the calendar appears red, then it is fully booked.

If the date on the calendar appears green, click on it and then proceed to BOOK NOW.

If you have purchased a prepaid 10 Day Pass or 20 Day Pass, please enter your Coupon Code so you are not charged again.

Once you’ve made your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with more information on what to bring to your dog day care session.

We look forward to providing your dog with a fun filled day!


Additional Information

A full day stay is up to 11 hours so dogs come to dog day care for the entire day.

Dogs must be dropped off by 10am and picked up no later than 6pm.

A full day stay is suitable for dog that have loads of energy, love to play and socialise with dog friends or just don’t want to be left at home alone all day.

During full day stays, dogs will get hands-on training and interaction with the handlers to ensure they are mentally stimulated and the dogs will be fed multiple times during their stay to keep up with energy demand!

Dogs booked in for a full day stay will have rest periods where we take them out of the pens and give them a rest in a quiet area. We will be encouraging dogs to rest in crates or go upstairs to have a lie on the couch and snooze away so they are refreshed an hour later to go again!