Dog Day Care 20 Day Passes


Dog Day Care is open Tuesday to Friday from 7am-6pm (Thursday 9am-6pm)

Dogs must be fully vaccinated to attend dog day care.

All dogs must pass an assessment with the staff of Point Cook Dog Training and Day Care before booking in for their first session.

If you are new to our dog day care, please follow this link so we can organise a date and time for an assessment with your dog first and send you a link to the profile form which needs to be completed and signed before attending your first day.

A 20 Day Pass is only eligible for Full Day Stays.

A 20 Day Pass must be paid online with a credit card or PayPal payment when booking online. Please note we will not accept cash payments of this amount to be brought into the training centre.

By purchasing a 20 Day Pass, you will be paying a reduced fee.

20 Day Passes must be used within 12 months.

Once you have purchased your 20 Day Pass, please wait for your Coupon Code to be emailed to you with further information on how to book your full day care session in.

We look forward to providing your dog with a fun filled day!


Additional Information

A 20 day pass give you 20 x full day sessions at a reduced rate.

The passes can be used whenever you want providing there are spaces available, however they must be used up within 12 months of purchasing the package.

20 day passes are for the dogs that just love to come to day care to play with friends on a regular basis and to reward you for your loyalty, so you are not paying a full rate.

When you purchase a 20 day pass, you will receive a coupon code in a following email. This coupon code will need to be stored safely as you will use this repeatedly for each session that is booked until you book your 20th session.

Please note all 20 day passes must be prepaid online via credit card or PayPal or can be purchased at reception when you collect your dog. Payment must be made via credit card only as we do not want to accept cash of that amount on the premises.