Welcome to Point Cook Dog Training!

Whether you are looking for classes for your pup or adult dog, day care for your sociable dog, private lessons or more, have a wander through the website as all you need is there!

We offer a variety of group classes for both puppies, teen and adult dogs.

We are available for private lessons in your own home, at the park or on a walk for more specific needs.

We can assist you with your reactive dog, running specific lessons to tackle this issue.

We also have regular Veterinary Behaviour Consultations for behaviour cases with Dr Melanie Rockman.

For the active, sociable dogs, we run day care a couple days a week and we also offer puppy play group for pups seeking extra play opportunities as they grow up or are simply learning how to become more confident in themselves.

We run courses on agility for the active dogs where not only do they learn to work obstacles, but also learn to focus on their handler when off leash.

For anxious dogs and those that prefer a focused but more passive approach, we offer K9 Nose Works with our accredited Nose Works instructors.

We are mindDog (Psychiatric Assistance Dogs) trainers and assessors for Victoria, assisting those with mental health illness, find a way back into society through their dog.

All our classes and services are run by qualified trainers, using current best practice methods and we are strictly force free! Our methodology is clear as we are very transparent as to how we train dogs.

Most services are able to be booked via our booking system and for general enquiries, send us an email at info@pointcookdogtraining.com.au or pop in to visit us.

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